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Mafia Romance books

The stories released on the Wattpad, Inkitt, and Radish platforms were all first draft and completely unedited. Writing on a chapter-by-chapter basis leaves a lot of room for error. I hope the published stories have been strengthened by undergoing the editing process while retaining the originals’ hearts.

Good question, and one I’m still considering. My Wattpad readers have always been highly supportive of my work, with many reading the first four stories within the Angels, Scorpions, and Dusters crossover universe. I have to say they make the best beta readers in the world as they never hold back their opinions – good or bad! My concern is a new reader may stumble across the fifth book on Wattpad, having read only Ace. While the stories are standalone when it comes to the couple featured in that particular book, an ongoing storyline runs through the first six. This would best be enjoyed and understood in the crossover series reading order. 

With that in mind, if possible, I’d like to release Eoin chapter by chapter on my website, with access permitted to anyone who has followed me on Wattpad before the Ace blog tour. That way, my Wattpad friends can still read and give me their valuable comments, but it would be in a much more contained environment.

Regarding publishing, it’s hoped that Cillian, Razr, and Dylan will release in 2022. Regarding writing, I’m working on Eoin, the fifth book in the series. Then it will be on to the much-loved Padraig. I’m hoping both of these will be released in early 2023.

That kind of depends. If the crossover series takes off, then I’ll write another story. There are a few more MCs in the mix now and several other factions, so there are many characters to choose from. I will write more if I see you want to read more!

My first love is PNR. I have a paranormal romance trilogy that I’m itching to finish. I’ve already (exceptionally poorly) written the drafts for the first two books that will be fleshed out and fully edited. I also have a rockstar trilogy that has one book draft concluded so far.


I write what I like to read, and I read pretty much anything, so I’m not going to restrict myself to just MC or mafia.

There are no current plans, but that’s not to say that won’t change in the future. It would be a dream to be able to give readers a chance to get to know my characters across all reading formats!

Never say never. If readers want to meet me, then I will, of course, consider it. It’s all about you guys at the end of the day. Without you, there is no Harley.